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"Bring me a new cruse, and put salt in it," Elisha commanded them. When it was given to him, Elisha went to the spring and threw the salt in, and said, 'Thus says the Lord, "I purify this water, that it may never again cause death or barrenness."

2 Kings 2: 20-21 (New International Version).

In some passages of the Old Testament God speaks to His people through figures referring to what was to come. And this is one of those cases. In the New Testament Paul speaks of believers as earthen vessels in which a great treasure was deposited (2 Corinthians 4:7). Just as Elisha deposited salt in the vessel. Salt in this time of Elisha was something valuable. It was used as a preservative, as a sign of covenant and for seasoning.

In this passage salt is used to purify the spring. Salt that was deposited in a new vessel. Which is a figure of those who are saved by Jesus. For having been saved they become new vessels or new creatures. But not only that, God refers to His children as the salt of the earth (Matthew 5:13), salt that was deposited in the form of the Holy Spirit in a new creature. Just as the salt deposited by Elisha in the spring put an end to death and barrenness, the Holy Spirit will give life (contrary to death) and faith (contrary to barrenness) to those in whom it is deposited.

The Holy Spirit was deposited in us to purify us. He gives us what is necessary to remove sin from our life or death. He also gives us the faith we need so that every word of God for our lives will bear fruit. So if a Christian is living in sin or is not bearing fruit because of unbelief, it is not God's will, being that in him was deposited a great treasure to give him life in abundance and faith.

If there is currently sin in your life or unbelief, today I remind you of this: The Holy Spirit is power in you to give you fullness, Jesus paid the highest price to deposit the greatest treasure in you, His presence. He has made you totally new to give you life in abundance. Receive all that He has for you through faith.

Receive every day the life and faith that the Holy Spirit has for you.

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